SremmLife 3 was the long-awaited addition to the critically acclaimed SremmLife series from Mississippi duo Rae Sremmurd. Spotify briefed us on a event to promote the launch of the album and we decided that the only way to celebrate was to imagine it was 3018 when the world is toxic but we were in LA to party .  

The visual identity of the event is a mix of futuristic 3d renders, tropical plants, biohazard symbols, hazmat suits and pineapples (just cause Swae Lee really loves pineapples). ☣🍍

Video promoting the party and also in the stage background while artists were performing. 

Recap video:


Global Executive Creative Director: Alex Bodman
Group Creative Director: Mark Pytlik
Design Lead: Felipe Rocha,
Creative Team: Cecilia Azcarate, Heather Broadie
Motion and design: Rainy Fu

Extended Team:
Amanda Butler, Teal Kratky, Kristy Lyons, Cynthia Angel, Amber Grimes, David Nguyen, Eric Alexander, Kate Marriage Ryan Lassi, Zainab Hasnain

3d artists:
Baptiste Lambert
Rodrigo de Carvalho

Adrian Yu

Lydo Le