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  1. Electric Sky – 2019
    Creative Direction, Visual Identity,
    Art Direction, Packaging, Website

  2. Pantheon – Spotify, 2019
    Visual Identity, Art Direction, Exhibition design

  3. Emotional Landspaces –2019 
    Editorial Design

  4. Best New Artist – Spotify, 2018-2019
    Visual Identity, Event, Campaign

  5. RISE – Spotify, 2018
    Visual Identity, Art Direction

  6. YAGA – 2018
    Visual Identity, Event 

  7. Cosmic PlaylistsSpotify, 2019
    Visual Identity, Campaign, Event, Strategy

  8. Flygrl – Melissa, 2016
    Visual Identity, Art Direction, Campaign 

  9. Pride 2018 – Spotify, 2018
    Visual Identity, Campaign 

  10. SR3MM – Spotify, 2018
    Event, Campaign 

  11. Resist – New York Times Magazine, 2017
    Magazine Cover 

  12. Viva Latino – Spotify, 2017
    Visual Identity, Campaign, TV 

  13. ℓiⱴε2018
    Visual Identity, Website

  14. Pollen – Spotify, 2018
    Visual Identity, Strategy 

  15. Día de Los Muertos – Spotify, 2018
    Visual Identity, Event

  16. ColorsFabrica, 2012-2013
    Editorial Design

  17. Bonde – 2017
    Visual Identity, Event, Website 

  18. Premium – Spotify, 2019
    Visual Identity, Strategy



!Viva Latino!

Rebrand of Viva Latino, the biggest playlist on Latin Music. The playlist is very energetic and dance is a big part of Latin music genres, so I came up with the concept of dancing letters. I also included the double inverted exclamation marks as a brand symbol, because it’s unique to the Spanish language and also works as a “frame” in communications.

This was the first Times Square billboard that I designed. I sent to my mom and she was very proud of me:

TV Ad that was aired during the Latin Grammy Awards:

The Verge wrote about it. 


Global Executive Creative Director: Alex Bodman
Global Brand Design Director: Rasmus Wangelin
Design lead: Felipe Rocha
Creative Team: Heather Brodie, Cecilia Azcarate

Extended Team:
Rocio Guerrero, Lauren Somolon, Christian Navarro, Belinda Lopez, Cynthia Angel, Derek Wright, Zach Pentel, Nathan Doiev, Daniel Oakley, Josh Greenberg, Jeong Park

Film Director:
Bridget Savage Cole