Felipe Rocha, founder and creative director at PORTO ROCHA

I’m a Brazilian designer and creative director based in New York. I began my career in 2008 and have since worked across different realms of design including branding, experiential, editorial, digital and advertising. I have created culturally driven work for global brands such as Snapchat, Airbnb and most recently Spotify, where I led the design of new brand initiatives and major artist collaborations. My past experiences also include working as Senior Designer at Sagmeister & Walsh; co-founding Arnold, a graphic design studio in São Paulo; and completing a residency at Fabrica, Benetton’s creative laboratory in Italy where I worked on the iconic COLORS Magazine.


!Viva Latino!

Rebrand of Viva Latino, the biggest playlist on Latin Music. The playlist is very energetic and dance is a big part of Latin music genres, so I came up with the concept of dancing letters. I also included the double inverted exclamation marks as a brand symbol, because it’s unique to the Spanish language and also works as a “frame” in communications.

This was the first Times Square billboard that I designed. I sent to my mom and she was very proud of me:

TV Ad that was aired during the Latin Grammy Awards:

The Verge wrote about it. 


Global Executive Creative Director: Alex Bodman
Global Brand Design Director: Rasmus Wangelin
Design lead: Felipe Rocha
Creative Team: Heather Brodie, Cecilia Azcarate

Extended Team:
Rocio Guerrero, Lauren Somolon, Christian Navarro, Belinda Lopez, Cynthia Angel, Derek Wright, Zach Pentel, Nathan Doiev, Daniel Oakley, Josh Greenberg, Jeong Park

Film Director:
Bridget Savage Cole