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  1. Electric Sky – 2019
    Creative Direction, Visual Identity,
    Art Direction, Packaging, Website

  2. Pantheon – Spotify, 2019
    Visual Identity, Art Direction, Exhibition design

  3. Emotional Landspaces –2019 
    Editorial Design

  4. Best New Artist – Spotify, 2018-2019
    Visual Identity, Event, Campaign

  5. RISE – Spotify, 2018
    Visual Identity, Art Direction

  6. YAGA – 2018
    Visual Identity, Event 

  7. Cosmic PlaylistsSpotify, 2019
    Visual Identity, Campaign, Event, Strategy

  8. Flygrl – Melissa, 2016
    Visual Identity, Art Direction, Campaign 

  9. Pride 2018 – Spotify, 2018
    Visual Identity, Campaign 

  10. SR3MM – Spotify, 2018
    Event, Campaign 

  11. Resist – New York Times Magazine, 2017
    Magazine Cover 

  12. Viva Latino – Spotify, 2017
    Visual Identity, Campaign, TV 

  13. ℓiⱴε2018
    Visual Identity, Website

  14. Pollen – Spotify, 2018
    Visual Identity, Strategy 

  15. Día de Los Muertos – Spotify, 2018
    Visual Identity, Event

  16. ColorsFabrica, 2012-2013
    Editorial Design

  17. Bonde – 2017
    Visual Identity, Event, Website 

  18. Premium – Spotify, 2019
    Visual Identity, Strategy




RISE is Spotify’s artist development program that supports up-and-comers across genres and gives fans a glimpse inside their lives. The visual identity is inspired by film negatives – showing case artists that are emerging and in development. 

So far Spotify already launched two seasons of the program using this identity. The first one with Jorja Smith, Karol G, Rex Orange County and Lanco, while the second one had King Princess, Joji, and Lil Baby.  


Global Executive Creative Director: Alex Bodman
Group Creative Director: Mark Pytlik
Gobal Brand Design Director: Rasmus Wangelin
Design lead and Photography direction: Felipe Rocha, Martin Berggren
Motion and design: Rainy Fu

Extended Team:
Jackie Santos, Alexandra Tanguay, Belinda Lopez, Angela Gonzalez, Gabby Kreutter, Jenna Allchin, Ryan Lassi, Zainab Hasnain

Driely S.
Eric Chakeen
Kayla Reefer

Yours Truly