Felipe Rocha is a Brazilian graphic designer and art director based in New York City. 

→ Melissa Flygrl 
February 2017

→ Visual identity for Flygrl, Melissa’s latest collection. Melissa is an iconic global footwear brand with origins tracing back to Sao Paolo, Brazil. Melissa has an international presence in more than 80 countries and more than 200 stores just in Brazil. We created a design system that is being translated into all kinds of applications, from Interior Design and website to bags and lollipops. Flygrl instantly became a hit in Brazil and it was the first time that I got my work drawn by someone at the beach

→ Credits:

Design: Felipe Rocha and Leo Porto 

Creative Direction: Erika Palomino
Melissa Team: Cassio Prates, Deisi Meneguzzi
Campaign photography: Gil Inoue
Stylist: Renata Correa
Beauty: Amanda Schon
Photoshoot art direction: B+K

Case study: Mari Juliano and Leonardo Sang
Case study retouching: Khoi Pham

→ Additional information

Typeface: Druk