Electric Sky

Creative direction, visual identity, packaging design and website for Electric Sky, a new casual wine brand from LA that is challenging wine conventions because good wine shouldn’t be boring.

Electric Sky is present not only by promoting its products, but translating its essense in different ways. It can be a photo, a video, an illustration, a playlist, a poem, a meme. Here are some artwork examples created by different visual artists we collaborated with:


Creative Direction and Design: Felipe Rocha, Leo Porto
Brand strategy: Aurora 3
Tone of Voice: Eric Schwartau
3D Art and Motion Design: Pedro Veneziano
Photography: Luca Venter 
Website development: Cursor Studio
Video edit: Daniel Levenhagem

KangHee Kim, Paul Windle, Ben Sanders, Niege Borges, Zak Tebbal, Kenesha Sneed, Chrissie Abbott and Glenda Lissette