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  1. Electric Sky – 2019
    Creative Direction, Visual Identity,
    Art Direction, Packaging, Website

  2. Pantheon – Spotify, 2019
    Visual Identity, Art Direction, Exhibition design

  3. Emotional Landspaces –2019 
    Editorial Design

  4. Best New Artist – Spotify, 2018-2019
    Visual Identity, Event, Campaign

  5. RISE – Spotify, 2018
    Visual Identity, Art Direction

  6. YAGA – 2018
    Visual Identity, Event 

  7. Cosmic PlaylistsSpotify, 2019
    Visual Identity, Campaign, Event, Strategy

  8. Flygrl – Melissa, 2016
    Visual Identity, Art Direction, Campaign 

  9. Pride 2018 – Spotify, 2018
    Visual Identity, Campaign 

  10. SR3MM – Spotify, 2018
    Event, Campaign 

  11. Resist – New York Times Magazine, 2017
    Magazine Cover 

  12. Viva Latino – Spotify, 2017
    Visual Identity, Campaign, TV 

  13. ℓiⱴε2018
    Visual Identity, Website

  14. Pollen – Spotify, 2018
    Visual Identity, Strategy 

  15. Día de Los Muertos – Spotify, 2018
    Visual Identity, Event

  16. ColorsFabrica, 2012-2013
    Editorial Design

  17. Bonde – 2017
    Visual Identity, Event, Website 

  18. Premium – Spotify, 2019
    Visual Identity, Strategy



Día de Los Muertos

Día de Los Muertos (Dead of the Death) is an important Mexican holiday in which families remember and honor their deceased loved ones. Spotify hosted an event in celebration of the iconic Mexican musicians who have passed. I took inspiration from Papel Picado, an element that is already part of the holiday's visual landscape to design the activation.

The iniciative also held an activation at the 19th annual Día de los Muertos Festival for fans could come celebrate and remember singer, songwriter and actress Jenni Rivera.

Plus special billboards that glow in the dark at night:


Global Executive Creative Director: Alex Bodman
Global Brand Design Director: Rasmus Wangelin
Design Lead: Felipe Rocha
Creative Team: Shannon Ross, Kenia Sarmiento, Alex Reinoso

Extended Team:
Alexandra Tanguay, Belinda Lopez, Lauren Solomon, Cynthia Angel, Colette McIntyre, Nathan Doiev

Papel Picado illustrations:
Estúdio Barca (Gabriela Namie and Jun Ioneda)