Cosmic Playlists

Astrology is a global cultural phenomena that has taken over the internet. It helps us make sense of the crazy times we live in as more and more people use horoscope readings as a way to reflect and find direction in their lives.  We believe music can provide that same effect, and that’s why Spotify is working with astrologer Chani Nicholas on Cosmic Playlists.

We created 12 new playlists, one for every star sign. Where the playlist description is now your horoscope, written by Chani. And the songs are curated by what the stars say you need to hear.

We also collaborate with artist Rachel Howe, this is her version of the Solar Man:

This is how the playlist looks in the app:

To spread the word, we turned posters, projections, and social ads, into horoscopes.

We also had a launch party in LA, featuring Chani and Lizzo.

Forbes, Bustle and Newsweek wrote nice things about it. 


Global Executive Creative Director: Alex Bodman
Global Brand Design Director: Rasmus Wangelin
Design Lead: Felipe Rocha
Creative Team: Alexandra Sobiecki, Rajeev Basu, Felipe Rocha
Motion and design: Rainy Fu, Josephine Tansara, April Pascua

Extended Team:
Alexandra Tanguay, Belinda Lopez, Lauren Solomon, Andon Espeseth, Christy Motch, Natalie Espinosa, Dayna Tran, Kate Cohen

Chani Nicholas

Rachel Howe