Felipe Rocha is a Brazilian graphic designer and art director based in New York City. 

→ Centro.cx
2014 – 2015

→ In the last decades Sao Paulo's Downtown District got empty. Galleries, restaurants, studios and bars moved to other neighborhoods. But in the last years, a series of creative projects moved back to traditional places like Sé, Luz, República and Liberdade. CENTRO is a documentation of this moment, the people behind these new places and their thoughts about the future of this part of the city. CENTRO is a website, a small publication, two posters and a series of postcards and an ongoing research about the city’s downtown development.


→ Credits:

Graphic Design: Felipe Rocha, Murilo Fonseca

Edit (text): Luiz Romero
Edit (art): Felipe Rocha, Murilo Fonseca
Photography: Leonardo Sang
Writing: Luiz Romero, Alexandre Aragão, Luisa Cella e Nathan Fernandes

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Typeface: Dia and Plantin